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Tisha Bohr


Molecular, cellular and developmental biologist with a passion for science advocacy and equitable access to science. She/Her

Postdoctoral Researcher
Cornell University Veterinary Medical Center
Department of Molecular Medicine

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Driven by curiosity and a passion to help others, I’m committed to advancing the field of biomedical science and training the next generation of scientists as well as finding ways to create equitable access to science for all peoples in academia, research and beyond.

By combining my experience in genetics and cellular, molecular and developmental biology my research aims are to define the mechanisms that contribute to stem cell-driven regeneration of organs within adult animals using the planarian flatworm.

I also have experience in teaching and mentoring, as well as science communication and advocacy. Most recently, I founded Science on Tap Ithaca and a Science Communications Training Program for Graduate Students and Postdocs at Cornell.

A west coaster at heart, I would love to return! I am a lover of living things, nature, art and music. I am very serious about dance parties especially involving 80’s pop.  What free time I have left after taking my tentacles out of all my projects goes to exercising and goofing off with my family consisting of two pups and one other human.

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